Ballenas National Park

Marcia and I spent a week in Costa Rica’s South Pacific coast. I love this area because it has not been invaded by the tourist industry, though that is rapidly changing. One of my favorite beaches is Ballena National Park. This National park is mostly water because it was created to protect the whales that approach Costa Rica’s coast. Also it is one of the prettiest beaches in the area.

This little dog joined our family about three weeks ago. She is a miniature doberman pincher. A times she thinks she is full sized.

Of course we sat around in the sun until sunset.

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Photographic Equipment

This is a list of the most important equipment I carry in my bag:

  • Fuji S3 Pro Camera - 12Mpx
  • Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
  • Nikon 50mm f1.8
  • Nikon 105mm f2.8
  • Nikon 85mm f1.8
  • Assortment of 1Gb CF and DX cards
  • Nikon SB 80DX flash
  • Gary Fong LightSphere Photojournalist w/inverted dome accessory
  • Expodisc for great color

I also carry around a Nikon D70 with a Nikon SB 800 flash for backup.

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