Frequently Asked

How do we book you?

I have an online booking system where you can select the services you need, sign the contract and pay the retainer. To retain my services on your wedding day I charge a 50% retainer fee.

How do we know you are a good fit for our wedding?

If you enjoy natural, unscripted moments then we will work well together. If you value a more controlled, posed, style of photography then I can recommend friends who are better than I at this kind of work.

My photography emphasizes natural moments that are unique to you and your wedding. Even my portraits are very relaxed. I just find a nice spot, maybe give you a little direction, and let you be yourselves.

How are you different from other photographers?

I value how unique you and your event are. I know how important your family is and that they have come a long way for your wedding.

In my eyes the most important part about your wedding is your experience and how you shared it with others. I make very few posed shots and very few detail images. I make these as I come across them but they are secondary to capturing the emotions lived at your wedding.

I love the outdoors, camping and hiking. So I’m game for just about anything.

What is your typical turn around time?

I take six weeks to prepare your images for delivery.

Do we get the high-resolution image files?

Yes. I also give you a signed print release so you can make as many prints as you’d like. This print release gives you unlimited personal use but no commercial or editorial uses.

What kind of work do you do on the images?

When you see my work I want it to look good. Every image I deliver is corrected for exposure, color and contrast. This means that when you print them at a quality lab they will look good.

Do you make group pictures?

Of course! Your friends and family have come this far and gotten dressed up. We should get pictures of them!

What happens if you get sick on the day of the wedding?

I’d have to be bed-ridden to miss your wedding. However, I can count on a network of qualified photographers who can cover for me if needed.