About Richard

Being a photographer in Costa Rica has been an amazing experience. When asked where I’m from I have to hesitate. I’m never sure if the right answer is where I was born, Bolivia or, where I grew up, Costa Rica.

As the son of missionary parents I moved a lot as a kid. College was no different. I completed my undergraduate studies at Friends World Program, now known as Global College, and through them lived in Israel, where I focused on conflict resolution, and India, where I studied Tibetan Buddhism. Later, I completed an MFA in photography at SCAD.

Travelling, I learned to watch people. I became curious about why they do things, what they need, how they do them and I loved to photograph them. I learned that yes, we are all fundamentally the same creatures, needing love and kindness. I also learned that there are many, many ways of fulfilling these needs. Each of us is unique and beautiful, nothing special needs to be added.

Sara, truly my ‘better half’, is a diplomat’s kid, so her story is just as convoluted as mine. We met in Costa Rica on my birthday and haven’t separated since. She was a film major in school, worked at a major network, and now has a career in transportation. Funny how life throws curve balls at you.

In late 2011 our son Oliver was born. He changed my life entirely. I stay at home to watch him grow and care for him the best I can. But, so far as I can tell, I’m just playing catch-up. Just when I think I understand him he grows and evolves another beautiful side of his persona. I love the little munchkin.