Getting married in Costa Rica is magical

Costa Rica's sunsets and beaches set the stage for a wedding that promises to be unforgettable. The breathtaking landscape surrounds your ceremony as you are getting married and makes this day everything you dreamed.

That is what I strive to recreate through my photography. I belive that your photograhy should be special. There are so many things going on the day you get married and so many details that cannot be forgotten. Especially if you are in Costa Rica.

I have lived in Costa Rica since 1986 and am completing a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography at SCAD. I live here because I fell in love with this country. After travelling in India, the middle east and South America I returned to Costa Rica, got married and have worked as a professional photograher for several years.

I can assure you that getting married in Costa Rica will be unforgetable.

Richard May

Getting Married in Costa Rica is exciting

(c) Luis Diego Ramos
My Wedding in Costa Rica

Belive me I know. My wife and I had a great time pinning down all the details for what we wanted at our celebration. All the flowers, music, food, lodging, transportation and everything else was at times overwhealming. But in the end it was all well worth it.

Your wedding celebration can be as simple or complex as you want. You can prepare for 2 people or 200, it is up to you. Costa Rica has everything you need for any kind of celebration, it has the hotels and transportation for anything you want.

Marriages in Costa Rica are recognized around the world. The United States, Canada and Western Europe recognize Costa Rican marriages as valid. I recomend you let the attorney who married you carry out the process of validating your marriage in your country.

If you like the idea of getting married in Costa Rica I suggest you just do it. It is a spectacular setting and very romantic.