Tip: Shot Lists

Now, not all photographers like to get a list of pictures that must be made. It disrupts our concentration and we often find that we worry so much about getting every image requested that it ruins our concentration and sense of flow of the wedding.

However, there is one list I like to have. It is a list of group pictures that are important to you. This is tremendously helpful. With the list I can efficiently go through the shots and we have more time to work together on the portraits.

Enlist an assistant. Pick someone who is familiar with the group and can help identify people for the pictures and get them together. This way, while I am working on one group he or she will be gathering the next group.

Commonly requested group shots:

Keeping the list short will allow us more time to work together on the sunset portraits and ensure we get some spectacular images. If you have a long list of must-have group shots then it might be a good idea to consider a “Day After” shoot or even a “Trash the Dress” session the next day.

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