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Jenna and David - Playa Manta

When kids show up at weddings you never know what to expect. This time I told them to run around Jenna and David and I just let the camera rip. It was awesome!

Kids running around Jenna and David at Playa Manta

Cara and Jeremy - Tamarindo

Location: Tamarindo
Venue: Tamarindo Diria

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Molly and Brandon - Playa Jobo

While Costa Rica has gorgious sunsets few are as spectacular as the one Molly and Brandon had for their wedding!

Location: El Recreo

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Lai y Alberto - San Jose

Lai and Alberto held an exquisite little ceremony in Escazú area of San José.

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Jennifer and Drew - Santa Teresa

It’s been a busy year! I’ve hardly had time to blog my weddings until now so I’m going to start with Jennifer and Drew’s wedding from Santa Teresa.

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Mandy and Patrick - Langosta

Mandy and Patrick are a beautiful couple with a wonderful family. Their simple ceremony was truly theirs… just family.

Thank you for having me as part of your wedding!

Location: Playa Langosta
Wedding Planner: Tropical Occasions

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Jill and Dean - Osa Peninsula

Jill and Dean are the coolest couple. Jill has pet iguanas and Dean owns a micro-brewery… could they be cooler?

Venue: Bosque del Cabo

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Avoid Tan Lines

Tan lines are very tricky to get rid of in Photoshop. They curve around the shoulders in such a way that it makes the process time consuming. So, I usually will only work on the ones where they are glaringly obvious and important.

There are a few things you can do to avoid tan lines:

  • Use sunblock, lots of it. Or, stay out of the sun… but who really wants to do that!
  • Make sure your swimsuit has the same cut as the wedding dress. This way you can tan and it won’t be obvious. :)
  • Take a bronzing powder with you just in case. Bronzing powders won’t actually change the color of your skin… it’s more like a base that will match the tan lines to the surrounding area.

There you have it! A few simple things you can do to make your photographer’s life a little bit easier and s/he will love you for it.

Diane and Greg - Shortest wedding ever

Wow! This has to be the shortest wedding I’ve ever shot. The first image of Diane is at 5:05pm with 35sec and the last image of the ceremony was at 5:08pm with 1sec. To keep the wedding short they got straight to it… a poem, the vows and the kiss. Voila! Total ceremony time: 3min 34sec.

Venue: Diria Costa Rica Beach Resort

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Diana y Juan - San Jose

I’m always flattered and excited when photographers hire me for their wedding. Diana is a photographer and so it was really important for her that the pictures weren’t short of spectacular. I was delighted to discover she had the church and ballroom painted with light.

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There’s also a gallery on my Facebook Page. Find it in the Photos tab.
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