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Costa Rica - Manuel Antonio

The description for Manuel Antonio

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Leslie and Joe

I’ve settled on SoundSlides for showing off the shows. It can use a direct URL for loading the show directly wihtout the need of an HTML page. The embed template will be here.1

Leslie and Joes - Book Preview

This is a test of Slideshow Pro with ShadowboxJS
To load it the direct link to the preview.php must be used. The template for the link could be made available for copy and past from an easly remembered page. This method works even when the user is not logged in. If the plugin should ever be [...]

Richard and Christine

This is a test of Showit with Shadowbox JS. It needs to be opened in an iFrame unless I can find a way to include the Flash variables and parameters into a single URL.
“Oh Richard! The pictures are amazing! I’m so happy! You did a wonderful job! I just love them! Thank you, thank you, [...]