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Template changes…

Grrr, Graph Paper just released a new version of the template and my changes are not compatible with it. Not Cool

Fortunately I didn’t do more than just change the colors. I wish they had maintained the CSS structure so I could just plug my changes into the updated theme.

Colors… color???

I’ve been looking at colors and can’t make up my mind. I used to have a site that was based around the colors of blue and green, which I liked because it was very Costa Rica ish… now I’ve got a desire to go back. here are some swatches that I like:

SoundSlide Plugins

Just looked at two plugins for SoundSlides and couldn’t get them to work. WP-SoundSlides and SoJ SoundSlides. WP is only supported to v2.2 so I didn’t even try it and SoJ was unable to unpack the zip file you upload with it.

So, I’ve just standardized the location for all SoundSlides into the /wp-content/uploads/soundslides directory and will copy and paste a code snippet from the wiki:

<a rel="shadowbox;player=swf;width=700;height=551" href="/btest/wp-content/uploads/soundslides/YYYYMMDD_She-He/soundslider.swf?size=2&format=xml">Anchor Image</a>