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The Wedding Dress

One thing is for sure, choosing your wedding dress is probably one of the most exciting things you will do for your wedding. I bet you will go out with your mom and best friends and just look at a zillion options, try them all and decide which is best suited for you and your wedding.

These are are a few things to keep in mind when making that final selection:

  • The climate
    Getting married on the beach can be hot. Very hot. A multi-layered dress will be unbearable. Elegant and simple is the way the to go.
  • Are you willing trash it? (just a little)No matter where you get married get something that can easily be cleaned! If you are on the beach the train will get full of sand and maybe, if you allow me, get wet in the ocean. Having the train float in the water at sunset looks fabulous! So don’t let a little salt water stop you from getting a dress with a train. If you are getting married in the mountains dragging a train (or carrying it) through trails will certainly get the train dirty and will be very difficult to keep clean for the pictures. I would suggest a dress without a train under these circumstances.
  • Don’t forget the groom!Think about the same questions. If you want to wear a jacket, which looks elegant, obviously get something light. Jackets can work for you and against you. Some people just sweat, it’s a fact of life, and a jacket can help keep it from showing through the shirt. For others a jacket may not be necessary, but could prove to be unbearably warm.

Wedding Website

Here is a great way to keep your family up to date on your wedding plans.

Having your wedding in Costa Rica probably means that your friends and family have a ton of questions. Where is Costa Rica? Why Costa Rica? When are you getting married? Who is going to marry you? What about the pictures? Where can we stay? How do I get there? Just to name few.

There are tons of commercial options that will charge for a site where you can keep friends and family abreast of you latest plans. They have good tools and are well integrated into many wedding registries.

However, if you want something more personal, or free, then build your own blog. This site you are looking at is a blog. You can create pages and write little stories about your plans. You can list links to hotels, travel agents and, of course, your photographer. This is a good way to tell friends and family where they can see the pictures of your wedding.

The two most popular places to get a blog are:

If you prefer a regular website then try Google Pages. Here you can build your own website using the templates and tools made available to you by Google. This really is an easy and quick way to create a site.

So, go ahead, build your own wedding site. And remember to add a link to my site so your friends and family can see the pictures when I add them to my blog.