About Richard

As a photographer I love to tell stories. And weddings, well… they’re an extraordinary experience. Especially here. My goal is to communicate that experience in the most authentic and honest way possible. I believe in the power of images to transport us back to an instant in time and re-live and re-discover that extraordinary experience.

I’ve been photographing for as long as I can remember. Dad still has a picture I made of him when I was five. At 15 I borrowed his camera and he never got it back. Since then I’ve dabbled in and studied all kinds of things ranging from anthropology to Tibetan Buddhism in India and conflict resolution in the Middle East… but what stayed consistent is that I always used photography as the medium with which I would document my experiences.

Some of my personal work on flickr

P3153074P3153072P3153071P3153070P3153069P1232821-2Good Morning Oliver